Friday, February 26, 2010

Real Estate Listing Commercial Websites - Build SEO for the broker and the listing.

Brokers - Show your potential clients what it is like to live in your listed property. With Charlotte's economy weathering better than most of the country, you will have more relocating to the Charlotte Metro-Area. You gain more true SEO with our listing websites - Our sites are dedicated websites not simple redirects, which doesn't build SEO. What does this mean? This means that if a clients searches keywords for an area where your listing is located your listing website will show up in those search results. This way your potential buyer will have direct access to your listing not the website of the tour company. Why is this better? You would rather have your potential buyer search in your listing site than your potential buyer sifting and searching through all the other listings that your tour company's has available.

With our unique product, you will be positioned better to get your clients property SOLD! Our listing websites include a high quality commercial that will feature your clients home, neighborhood or sud-division and the surrounding area. This listing site will also include the brokers branding and contact information, still photos, MLS links, redirect links to your real estate website or blog. These listing sites also have a non-branded tour option for CLMS tour requirements.

See more about what video can do for your real estate marketing from Welcomemat.

SRS joins "The Legendary South"

Meet SRS - Supernatural Research Society. They will be working with Binary Benefits Media in the production of "The Legendary South". We will be filming a introduction segment that will tell more about SRS and why they got into this area. They are the professionals in this area of research and will answer any of your questions.